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Wireless Transmitters – What They Are And How They Work

Posted on May 14, 2020
A wireless transmitter

There are many benefits to wireless transmitters. For example, transmitters allow you to transfer info over long distances.

Today, many systems apply the use of transmitters. Moreover, all of these systems work on the same principles.

What is a wireless transmitter?

There are two key parts to a wireless transmitter. Firstly, there is the transmitter. Secondly, there is the receiver.

With a transmitter, you can transmit radio signal through an antenna.

You can do this in a variety of applications.

How do they work?

A radio wave is an electromagnetic disturbance. It radiates out in the same way as ripples in water. Firstly, the current passes along a wire. Then, it creates an electromagnetic field around the wire.

Transmitters can take advantage of this. They can pulse an electrical current through a copper antenna.

Furthermore, the antenna will be grounded at one end. That will limit the signal to a specific pulse.

Because metal is a conductor of both electricity and magnetism, it effectively traps any radio waves which come into contact with it. This is why large metal objects in the home, for example, a fridge, will affect Wi-Fi signal.

Radio waves will then emit like ripples, in a regular pattern. You will measure the frequency of that emission in hertz (Hz).

Transmitters generate a carrier frequency which is then combined with the data signal and emitted.

The receiver will then receive this signal, and separate the two frequencies back into their distinct parts.

What are smart transmitters?

Smart transmitters work around a microprocessor. Furthermore, they feature an in-built sensor. The sensor allows a transmitter to filter the conditions of the surrounding atmosphere.

Moreover, the transmitters are capable of memory storage. Through memory storage, you can program transmitters to retain a default setting.

What are the main features of smart transmitters?

Here are the main features of OMNI’s smart wireless transmitters:

What are the main benefits of smart transmitters?

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