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OMNI’s Horticultural Range

Posted on July 14, 2020

Here at OMNI Sensors and Transmitters Ltd, we’re pleased to present our range of horticultural sensors, this extensive range of products can help you to tap into the optimal growing conditions for your plants and crops. 

With our range of sensors and transmitters we can offer a highly flexible and easy to install monitoring system which can provide reliable data from around your greenhouse and stores. This data can be held securely both locally and remotely using cloud compatible technology.

Within our horticultural range, we offer products that cover a wide range of environmental applications, such as relative humiditytemperature and CO2, allowing you to accurately measure conditions within your greenhouse environment , this helps ensure optimal growing conditions. Measuring and optimising the levels of humidity and temperature can help avoid unwanted losses, reducing overall costs. 

We can also monitor Moisture in soilPar, Lux and plant weight. These sensors allow you to determine nutrient levels, ensuring optimal watering, maintaining the correct moisture content of your soil. This will help to improve overall plant growth and health of your plants. Investigating the effects of irrigation and other environmental factors such as light and photosynthesis, allows for the professionally management of your crops. 

Having good Circulation and ventilation in your greenhouse is essential for the growing process.    We can offer  Air VelocityDifferential pressure and volume flow products that can help with the management of your HVAC system. We also have ultrasonic level sensors which are useful for measuring liquid or non-liquid materials, including water levels or fertilizer levels stored in a tank. 

Using standalone or Cloud Compatible Technology with the Aranet Industrial Grade Base Stations. Will allow you to monitor all aspects of your greenhouse environment. This user-friendly interface provides data logging, it also allows for the viewing, analysing and the comparison of data in real-time. The Base Station also allows for third party connectivity enabling other sensors to be connected to your monitoring system. This combined with feature such as SMS alarms messages that can be sent to your phone and the ability to export data into reports, all help with efficient management of your greenhouse.      

To learn more about our sensors and transmitters, enquire today. 

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