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OMNI’s Horticultural Range

Posted on July 14, 2020
greenhouse interior

At OMNI Sensors and Transmitters Ltd, we provide a wide range of smart plant sensors. Our smart plant sensors can help you optimise plant growing conditions. Also, at OMNI, we supply a flexible monitoring and easy-to-install system. Our monitoring systems provide valuable data from all around your greenhouse and stores.

Using cloud compatible technology, you can secure this data locally and remotely.

Within our horticultural range, we supply smart plant sensors and transmitters that can help you measure:

Smart Plant Sensors

Our cutting-edge sensors and transmitters help you to monitor your greenhouse environment. Measuring and optimising the levels of humidity and temperature can help you reduce costs.

Also, we can monitor moisture in soil, par, lux and plant weight. Our sensors can help you to:

All the above factors will help you to improve the growth and health of your plants. You can manage your crops more efficiently investigating the effects of irrigation. Furthermore, investigation factors such as light and photosynthesis help, too.

How OMNI Sensors Can Help

Good ventilation in your greenhouse is essential for plant growth. We can offer air velocity, differential pressure and volume flow products. Our products can help you in managing your HVAC system.

Additionally, we supply ultrasonic level sensors. Our ultrasonic level sensors are useful for measuring liquid or non-liquid materials. This includes water levels or fertiliser levels stored in a tank.

This user-friendly interface provides data logging. Also, it allows you to view, analyse and compare real-time data.

Furthermore, the Base Station allows for third-party connectivity. Third-party connective allows you to connect other sensors to your monitoring system. The many features help with the efficient management of your greenhouse.

For example, some of the features include:

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