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Omni Partner With Aranet

Posted on May 29, 2019

Here at Omni, we have provided sensors, transmitters and monitoring solutions for many years, in industries such as agriculture, livestock, food production, HVAC/building management and a range of manufacturing, process and condition monitoring applications.  

We pride ourselves on distributing a range of world-class products from the best in the industry, ensuring our loyal clients receive equipment of excellent quality, alongside complying with European and international standards.

This is why we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Aranet, granting us the ability to bring your company the complete wireless environmental or process monitoring package.

aranet tablet data logging

Aranet is the next level in wireless monitoring, making it simple for you to collect and analyse real-time data through next-level data logging. Pairing their simple to install signal transmitters with your choice of base station, you have complete control over setting alarms, data logging, and real-time monitoring, with the option to integrate your existing sensors and transmitters into one user-friendly network.

Aranet’s range of transmitters and data logging sensors gives you the option to measure a range of factors such as humidity, temperature, pressure and CO2 allowing usage across a variety of industries. Aranet also provides solutions for specialised applications such as soil or substrate moisture content and stem width sensors for horticulture.

The base stations can either be read locally over the Wi-Fi network or remotely monitored via the cloud. Alongside this, there are multiple bases to choose from, depending on the number of sensors you need to support.

Aranet mini supports up to 12 sensors and has a 3km line of sight range, equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen. It is the perfect solution for temperature and humidity monitoring, achieving precision and autonomy over a long-range.

aranet agricultural data logging

Aranet PRO allows you to pair up to 100 sensors, with three versions to choose from, giving you the ability to choose the version that is best suited for the number of sensors you have. Aranet PRO also has a 3km line of sight range, with a responsive design that adapts to smartphone, tablet or laptop.

aranet processing data logging

This variety of base stations allows Aranet to appeal to both small and larger-scale sites.

There are multiple positives to using Aranet products and software, including:

If Aranet sounds like something that could benefit your business, view the range of products we offer here or contact us directly.    

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