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Omni Sensors & Transmitters

Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd is a long established privately owned company. We are the distribution partner and technical support for several world-class manufacturers of sensors and transmitters, promoting their products to customers across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our expert knowledge allows us to help our customers find the right solution for their specific requirements. Using our extensive experience, working within many different industries, we can guide you in selecting the best and most cost-effective option for your sensing needs.

Here at Omni, we endeavour to supply you with sensor products and transmitters that help you measure:
• Humidity
• Temperature
• Dewpoint
• Moisture in oil
• Air velocity
• Air quality
• Mass flows
• Differential/absolute pressure
• CO2
• Flammable gas

The infrared gas sensor modules we supply are efficient tools in the refrigeration, food storage, biogas, and power generation industries.

“What if I am not searching for sensors and transmitters?” You ask.

Not to worry; the Omni instruments offering doesn’t stop there. We can supply you with much more than transmitters and products with sensors. Browse our product range, and you will discover various other products, such as flowmeters and vibration monitors.

We supply products manufactured to stringent quality systems from suppliers who comply with European standards. Our own Quality System has been assessed and certified to ISO9001.

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