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How Temperature Monitoring Can Improve Workplace Efficiency

Posted on November 15, 2019

Want to improve workplace efficiency? Then you need to pay attention to your employee comfort.

When your employees are uncomfortable, they are less productive.

Temperature control can help you ensure the comfort of your employees.

However, maintaining temperature control can be hard.

At OMNI, we provide an efficient way for you to monitor the temperature in your workplace.

Effect of Temperature on Productivity

Results from a 2014 study showed that:

This problem is currently costing the UK economy alone £13 billion per year.

There are no legal limits regarding workplace temperature in offices. However, failing to monitor your employee can still cause problems.

Also, if more than 10% of employees register a complaint, employers have a legal obligation to assess the situation.

The optimal office temperature is between 21 and 23°C. 21°C marks the productivity sweet spot.

Monitoring and Controlling Temperature

EE244 Modular Wireless

To avoid thermal discomfort, you can use intelligent temperature monitoring systems.

We supply cutting-edge data logging systems.

You can link OMNI’s sensors and transmitters to your HVAC system in your building. Our sensors and transmitters system give you instant, responsive temperature control.

Our sensors and transmitters can help you improve your workplace comfort. Furthermore, they can increase the energy efficiency of your temperature  control systems.

These benefits and usages can also be carried over to offices that operate server rooms, where temperature control is vital to avoid system malfunctions. To learn more about how smart, responsive temperature monitoring could boost your workplace productivity, get in touch today.

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