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New KE-LF lead-free Oxygen Sensor

Posted on October 20, 2020
KE LF oxygen sensor

We apply the use of oxygen sensors in fixed and portable equipment. Oxygen sensors can help measure and detect oxygen over a wide range of applications. For example, some of these applications include:

  • Combustion optimisation and control
  • Safety in confined spaces, plant rooms and inert storage areas
  • Medical ventilators 
  • Physiology lab oxygen depletion
  • Glove box, environmental/altitude chambers and incubator environments
  • Gas filling operations – food and medical packaging and insulated glass units
  • Gas purity – inline, cylinder, storage and transportation vessels
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Breathing gas for divers, submersibles, climbers, firefighters and Emergency responders

The electrochemical detector is ideal for portable devices. That is because these detectors require no external power supply. Furthermore, these detectors are cost-effective, durable and have no warm-up time.

It is also applicable for most fixed monitoring equipment. However, not all electrochemical oxygen sensors are the same. They differ in their construction and operation which leads to a difference in their functionality and features.

Benefits of Our Oxygen Sensor

Omni sensors’ KE-LF series is the lead-free version of the KE25 series. Offering several advantages other lead-free sensors.

There is no need for an external power supply. Furthermore, our sensor doesn’t need a warm-up time. These two features are necessary with a Three-electrode cell sensor.

Moreover, our oxygen sensor has a long life, of typically 5 years. And it has no sensitivity to CO2, compared to other Galvanic cell type sensors.

Final note

Note: Omni Sensors will continue to supply the KE-25, KE-50 and SK25F as spares after the new RoHS manufacturing regulations come into effect from July 2021- July 2024.**

* Dependent upon the measurement requirement ..% range, accuracy, etc
**RoHS substance restrictions state that lead anodes in electrochemical oxygen sensors cannot be used in the manufacturing of medical devices and monitoring and control instruments after 22/07/21 excepting Vitro diagnostic medical devices (22/07/23) and Industrial Monitoring and Control Instruments (22/07/24)

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