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Industrial Pressure Transmitters – How They Work

Posted on April 27, 2020

Industrial pressure transmitters are used to measure pressure in a huge variety of applications and using a range of methods.

Measuring pressure can aid in the maintenance of healthy equipment and ensure the proper conducting of processes.

Types of Pressure

When discussing pressure and pressure transmitters, it’s important to remember that there is more than one form of measurable pressure:

Differential Pressure Sensors

Differential pressure sensors take a variety of shapes and sizes and utilise varying methods, however, one of the most commonly utilised are those fitted with a diaphragm.

These are relatively simple yet reliable devices, and are constructed of three primary components:

Other units vary in construction and can detect much smaller and faster fluctuations in pressure. Some operate via the completion or breaking of a circuit, while others measure variations in vibrations to monitor pressure changes at a sub-micron level.

Different Types of Sensors and Applications

There is a variety of pressure transmitters available, all suited to different applications and industries.

Types of industrial transmitters:

In a broad sense, these industrial sensors can be used for three core applications:

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