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Aaron Stephenson from Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd explains the importance of monitoring moisture in your oil and the range of sensors available for you to do so.

Proactive Maintenance Saves Hydraulic Industry Millions

Monitoring the water content in your oil is an important factor in maintaining the functional reliability of hydraulic equipment in the long term.

Water in hydraulic oil creates problems once it exceeds a certain level. If the fluid looks cloudy or milky, it means water has contaminated the hydraulic fluid and it needs to be replaced. However, by this stage damage to your system may have already occurred. Water in your oil can cause all sorts of operational problems, including:

  • Corrosion
  • Oil breakdown such as additive precipitation and oxidation
  • Reduced lubrication efficiency
  • Your system running hotter than normal
  • Increased risk of cavitation
  • Reduced ability for your system to convert mechanical power into fluid power and vice versa
  • Reduced efficiency of filters
  • Creation of sludge that can clog lines and filters
EE360 High-End Moisture in Oil Transmitter

EE360: High-End Moisture in Oil Transmitter with multifunctional Display

MOP301 – Insertion Moisture in Oil Probe with Modbus RTU

OILPORT 30 SET Handheld Meter for Moisture in Oil Measurement

Oilport30 Set: Handheld probe / datalogger

Compact Moisture in Oil Transmitter

EE364: Compact and rugged inline moisture in oil transmitter with high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

How to Monitor your Hydraulic Oil.

Prevention is Key

Free water in your hydraulic system can cause issues which are costly to fix yet easily prevented. By monitoring the water content of your oil, you can ensure that replacement or conditioning of your oil is performed before any damage or unnecessary expenses occur within your system caused by free water or sludge.

Our oil condition sensors measure the moisture content of an oil in the same way as air/gas humidity. The measurements are presented as absolute values in [ppm] or relative values as water content [aw].

Measuring the relative moisture content in your oil is an ideal “real time” measurement giving important information as to how saturated your oil is given the current conditions in your hydraulic system. The sensors will offer readings between 0 and 100 %. When your oil reaches 100% saturation it can no longer hold water in solution, and it will begin to drop out as “Free water”.

All the E+E moisture in oil sensors can be calibrated to a specific oil type if a PPM value is required.

Please contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your application requirements.

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