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Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd is a long-established, privately-owned company.

We are the distribution partner and technical support for many top-tier manufacturers of sensors and transmitters, promoting their products to customers across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The sensor and transmitters we supply can help you to measure:

  •  Humidity & Sensors
  •  Dewpoint
  •  Moisture in oil
  •  Air velocity
  •  Air quality
  •  Mass flows
  •  Differential/absolute pressure
  •  CO2
  • Flammable gas

Moreover, we supply infrared gas sensor modules that have proven to be effective in many different applications.

Some examples of these applications include refrigeration, food storage, biogas and power generation.

Flexible range of products

At Omni, our transmitters and sensors challenge the status quo when it comes to innovation.

From gas detection, humidity sensing and pressure measuring, our cutting-edge sensors and transmitters make data logging simple. Learn more here.

Browse our flexible product range, and you will discover a variety of products, from flow meters and vibration monitors to gas sensors.

We only supply high-quality products that adhere to efficient quality systems. Our Quality System has been assessed and certified to ISO9001.

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