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Diffusion Sensors
smartMODUL BASIC EVODiffusion sensors for ambient air monitoring are available from smartGAS as the BASIC EVO series. Just like all smartGAS sensors are distinguished by low detection limits, very slight drift, a large temperature range, a fast response time and low maintenance costs. The BASIC EVO series is therefore the optimal solution …
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smartMODUL FLOW EVONDIR sensors from smartGAS offer many advantages for successful gas analysis and are ideal for use in process control. They have a large spectrum of measurable gases and are especially convincing where it is important to have the utmost precision and reliability. Different versions can be very easily combined, also …
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TRANSMITTER EVOThe measuring of gases has long since become standard in many applications. Although some different measuring procedures have already been established for decades, so far only a few adjustments have been carried out for later use in the field. In the past, customers and developers were previously often forced to …
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SmartGAS AccessoriesCONNECT INTERFACE – flexible interfaces and additional features CONNECT INTERFACE electronics are an option to make integration in customer systems much easier. Alongside extension of the interfaces, they also offer pressure compensation for the connected sensor as well as adjustment options via jumper. Your advantages with the CONNECT INTERFACE • …
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EE895 Miniature Sensor Module for CO2, Temperature and Barometric Pressure
EE895 Miniature Sensor Module for CO2, Temperature and Barometric PressureMiniature-Sensor Module for CO2, Temperature and Barometric Pressure The EE895 3-in-1 sensor module is an ideal choice for measuring devices for demand controlled ventilation, building automation or for process control. Due to the low power consumption, the module is also suitable for battery-operated devices such as hand-held meters, data loggers …
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EE894 Miniature CO2 Module with Digital Interface
EE894 Miniature CO2 Module with Digital InterfaceThe digital module EE894 measures carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity (RH), temperature (T) and ambient pressure (p). Temperature and pressure compensation ensures high CO2 measurement accuracy under changing environmental conditions. Very small dimensions and the I2C or E2 interface facilitate the design-in. The dual wavelength NDIR technology with auto-calibration is …
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