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Monitor indoor air quality and ensure healthy levels of ventilation are maintained.

Positively impact Health, Well being and Productivity & help implement COVID 19 ventilation guidance. You can only improve what you can measure!

An image illustrating how OMNI's data logging sensors work


As we exhale carbon dioxide, the larger the number of occupants and the longer the time spent in a poorly ventilated room, the higher the CO2 level rises.
Concentrations above 800 ppm begin to adversely affect health, causing headaches and fatigue through to breathing difficulties and other more serious conditions. CO2 sensors can help you monitor indoor air quality and improve it. Browse our range of CO2 meters.


Typical outside CO2 levels ­– 400ppm


Typical indoor CO2 levels ­– 800ppm

Wellbeing & Productivity

How we feel and function, both on a personal and a social level, as well as how we evaluate our lives as a whole is directly affected by our environment and the quality of air we breathe. Indoor air quality monitoring can help improve the health and safety of your building. 

It is scientifically proven that health can be compromised and high levels of CO2 can result in slower reaction times and reduced capacity to process information, lowering productivity. Recent tests have shown that by lowering CO2 levels from typical office levels to optimal levels, cognitive test scores were improved by 12% and tests were completed 60% faster.

Our CO2 monitors can help you clamp down on high CO2 levels.


Reducing the incidence of COVID-19 infection is a major challenge requiring many different approaches, one of which is improving ventilation in indoor spaces. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines assert that COVID-19 can be spread via small droplets and aerosols which can linger in the air for minutes to hours. Proper air exchange and ventilation can shorten this time interval 10 times.

The Government and Industry advises ventilation rates be increased in all enclosed public spaces according to room occupancy and size.

How can you know if the air quality is good?

This is where Omni Sensors and Transmitters comes in with an Indoor air monitoring solution to suit all requirements.

  1. With the option of Aranet4 Home or the CO2 Guard 10 for a single user in Stand-alone mode.
  2. Or Aranet4 PRO for businesses, offices, universities, schools and other facilities where multiple Aranet 4 devices will be used as a networked solution with centralised monitoring and optional access to Aranet Cloud.

Learn more about our indoor air quality sensors.

01 Standalone Options

Aranet 4 Home



An innovative battery-powered stand-alone bluetooth sensor for monitoring CO2, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity which should be maintained within the 40-60% range. It is the perfect device for monitoring the air exchange rate; warning when air quality has become unhealthy so that action can be taken to improve airflow.

CO2 Guard 10

E+E Elektronik

CO2 Guard 10 - Tabletop

A battery powered portable device that measures CO2 and offers reliable optic and acoustic indication of the CO2 concentration in the indoor air to enable decisions to be taken regards ventilation.

02 Networkable Monitoring Solution

Aranet 4 Pro is an industrial-grade environmental monitoring solution


Depending on how many sensors are required you can choose between three Aranet PRO versions – Aranet PRO 12, Aranet PRO 50 and Aranet PRO 100. The Aranet 4 wireless sensors can be deployed within the line-of-sight range up to 1.9 mi from the Pro base station. It comes with free software for PC, tablet or smartphone.

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