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Feeding the World with Smart Agriculture
The development of the ‘Internet of Things’ and the use of smart technology is coming to the world of agriculture, and not soon enough. Technology can improve processes, yields and efficiency and is moving away from being a luxury and… read more >
Monitoring Moisture Levels in Coffee Production
The process of growing, harvesting and drying good quality coffee is one that requires a great deal of care and attention. A long list of variables can affect the end product, including temperature, soil quality, air quality and moisture. Moisture… read more >
Moisture Measurement in Grains
The UK is well known for its unreliable weather, providing rain when you wish for sun and vice versa. This makes crops liable to either becoming too dry or too moist, leading to complications further down the line. Therefore, moisture… read more >
Maintaining CO2 Levels in Poultry Farming
CO2 sensors have a wide range of applications; paramount among these is the ability to improve living conditions and protect life. This is one of the primary reasons behind their usage in the poultry farming industry. However, as well as… read more >
Sensing Moisture in Oil
When it comes to the use of hydraulic fluids and lubricants in industrial processes, the last thing you want to see is water. It interferes with machining processes and can even damage the equipment. This is why moisture in oil… read more >
Omni Partner With Aranet
Here at Omni, we have provided sensors, transmitters and monitoring solutions for many years, in industries such as agriculture, livestock, food production, HVAC/building management and a range of manufacturing, process and condition monitoring applications.   We pride ourselves on distributing… read more >
Humidity and Temperature in Agriculture
Any first-schooler knows that plants need four things to survive: light, water, soil and air. In terms of raising healthy plants however, one of the most important of these is actually the effect of water with regards to relative humidity.… read more >
Sick Building Syndrome and CO2 in the Office
How proper CO2 monitoring can improve productivity in your workplace As climate change becomes an ever-pressing issue it’s likely by now that you’ve been made painfully aware of the impact of CO2 in our atmosphere. Unfortunately, its influence doesn’t end… read more >
Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors are used to measure the pressure of gases or liquids. There are thousands of different applications for pressure transmitters and sensors. A pressure sensor works by generating an electrical signal in reaction to pressure being imposed and can… read more >